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Jesus is the Head, and we try to keep it simple.

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Jesus is Number One.

We are Christian ("Christ-following"), non-denominational (not under supervision of another organization), the Bible is our main Book, and the Rev. Greg Bar is our pastor.

Beacon of Hope was established in 2014 by a group of Island Christians with the Rev. Don Bradley. Upon his departure, Associate Pastor John McCormick led the church until the arrival of the Rev. Greg Bar (pictured at left with his wife, Karin) as they returned to the Island in January of 2020 (Pastor Greg previously pastored in Greenwich, Connecticut (1983-1986), on Martha's Vineyard (1986-2004), and Cape Cod (2004-2020).

If you don't have a church you are regularly a part of, or are visiting the Island,

we heartily welcome you to

Beacon of Hope!

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